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Using effective goal setting tips can make a huge difference to your results

To get the most out of your goal setting, make sure you get these vital goal setting tips right.

I'll start off by saying setting goals is really important. More often than not, I meet people who underestimate the power of goal setting. People often tell me "I already know what I want in life, I don't need to set goals and write it all out". While setting goals can seem like a very simple act, it can actually have a huge impact.

Sometimes as action driven individuals, we get so engrossed in the doing part of things. We wanna take action, get this and that done. I used to think that I rather use the time to actually do something to achieve my goals, and not 'waste' it on goal setting exercises.

That was a big mistake. Why? In the long run, setting goals and reviewing it consistently will be invaluable because goals;

goal setting tips Keeps us on track : It's so easy to get distracted nowadays. You have the bf /gf / husband / wife, TV, internet, family, friends, relatives, job, parties etc all demanding your attention. It's easy to get preoccupied with unimportant things if yoiu don't set goals.

Gets us to focus on important things : It helps us prioritize and focus on the things that truly matter to us in the long run

Saves time : because your actions will now be focused on your intended outcome. Having this focus makes you more efficient.

Gets us off our butts to take action!

There are numerous goal setting tips on how to set goals effectively, goal setting strategy as well as the famous and widely used smart goal setting principles, however on this page, I want to highlight what I think are the most vital goal setting tips.

Vital Goal Setting Tips #1

Means goal vs End goal beach

This is the most important of these vital goal setting tips. There are two types of goals, 'means goals' and 'end goals'.

End goals - the outcomes or results that you ultimately want to achieve.

Mean goals - the goals that you use as a means to achieve those outcomes. It is not what you ultimately want, rather it helps you reach your final desired result.

We often get confused between these two types of goals and think that both are the same. It is very important to be clear on each type.

When setting goals, what we want is to make sure that we set end goals and not mean goals.

Here's an example.
Let's take the 'I-want-to-be-rich goal'. That is not your end goal because I don't think that what you're seeking for is more digits in your bank balance. Rather what you want is the things that money can give, such as happiness, security, freedom and taking care of your loved ones.

Unfortunately, too many people get caught up in the process of accumulating more dollars that they end up unhappy and unfulfilled no matter how much money they make. This doesn't come as a surprise because they have focused on a means goal and not an end goal.

Here's a familiar story: Young man works in a large corporation, aiming to be the CEO so that he can have the money to live a life of security, freedom and happiness. Works hard for 20 years, finally becomes the CEO. But in doing so, for 20 years he spent most of the time working (no freedom, no time for loved ones), the stress is killing him (unhappy), and it affected his relationship with family members and friends.

So he may have achieved his target, but he sure didn’t reach his ultimate goal. You definitely do not want to walk down that path.

To set a goal, sacrifice for it and finally achieve it, only to find out later on that it wasn't what you really wanted can be just about one of the worst feelings a person could feel.

So take your time when setting goals. Don't be anxious to get it over with, rather make sure you know your ultimate outcome and what you really want to achieve.

Vital Goal Setting Tips #2

The Why

You gotta know your reason for the goals that you set. Why do you want to achieve it? The clearer your reason, the better. Don't go 'cause I wanna be rich’. That's not a reason. The more reasons and the stronger your reasons are, the more likely you'll stick to it till the end.

This is important because there will most certainly be obstacles along the way. There will be tough times, and discouraging things will happen.

If you don't have strong reasons for wanting to achieve your goal, you'll most certainly give up when the going gets tough. You'll feel that it won't be worth the time, effort and pain. However, by having strong solid reasons for achieving the goal, you will have the desire and motivation to keep going.

Here's an example:

I want to have healthy living habits so that I can live a long life and experience as many things as possible. So that I can be there for my kids and watch them grow up. Because my body is God given and sacred. Because I want to inspire my loved ones to do the same. Because if I don't, then I am not loving myself. Because only then am I living up to my standards. Because it makes me proud of myself.

With these strong reasons, anytime you feel like not taking care of your body and eating junk food, not exercising, smoking etc, you just need to go back to these reasons and you'll be driven to keep at it.

So when you do your goal setting, make sure you write down strong, solid, compelling reasons for wanting to achieve your goals.

Vital Goal Setting Tips #3

The detail-ness

goal setting tips flower

When setting goals, the more detailed and descriptive you make the goal the better. Clarity is power. Make it as detail as possible.

Making your goal setting very descriptive will give you more motivation and determination to achieve it. Not only that, by describing the goal in detail, and going into the specifics of how you're going to achieve it, it will no longer just be a far away dream but rather something that is entirely possible.

When the goal is unclear, you don't know what you want to achieve let alone how you're going to achieve it.

For example;
If your goal is just 'I wanna be healthy' without any additional details, your brain does not know what it means. It's so vague... I mean, what is considered as healthy?

How can you achieve your goal without knowing what it exactly is? Instead be very detailed and descriptive, for example;

- I want to weigh ___ kgs
- I want my body fat % to be ___
- I want to be able to run ___ miles
- eat nutritious balanced meal at least 5 days a week
- exercise 3 times a week (including a detailed exercise plan / routine)

This way, you have a clear target. You know where to start, what to do, and you will know when you have achieved the goal. When your goals are vague, you don't know what to do & where to start. But when it is detailed and descriptive, you are making it possible and real.

Plus, it will also give you more motivation & determination to take action and follow through. Does the vague goal or the descriptive goal motivate you more? Of course it's the descriptive goal. How can you be motivated to take action when your brain is confused about what the vague goal means?

Having said that, the biggest reason for writing a detailed descriptive goal is because the act of doing it is part of the creation process. As you write the goal, read it, think about it and visualize it, you are making it happen. That is already part of the journey. When you put focus on the goal, you give it power. Do it with desire and emotion, and the effects will multiply.

Final thoughts....

Those are the 3 vital goal setting tips that you must get right.

Good goal setting tips practices increases the likelihood of success in it's achievement. If you're not sure on how to begin, these are goal setting forms which may be helpful to get you started.

Here are some additional resources for specific areas of setting goals including business goal setting, career goal setting and student goal setting.

You can set effective goals using pen and paper in your journal or notebook. However, you may want to consider making use of computer technology to set goals. Apart from offering a host of additional features, a goal setting software makes your goal setting more manageable and saves time compared against traditional pen and paper.

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