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Using NLP technique to achieve success and happiness

I was first exposed to the concept of NLP technique from the #1 success coach Tony Robbins’ bestselling books Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within. I was really impressed by what NLP is claimed to be able to do, and at the same time found that it’s teachings and methods sound ‘right’ to me.

Personally for me, it is something that makes sense and at times sounds ‘obvious’. It never felt like it’s some scam or some complex method. But rather it seems simple, logical and ‘right’.

The most attractive facet of NLP is that it brings immediate effect. The results are practically instantaneous. According to NLP experts and people who have tried and mastered NLP, they claimed that by practicing NLP technique, you can cure long term phobias, change bad habits, develop confidence, change your state, communicate effectively, build strong relationships with others, gain others trust etc. And it all can be done in a very short period of time. Once you understand the factors behind it you will know how NLP works.

NLP techniques are also relatively simple to practice and to understand. It is nowhere near as complicated as some other self improvement methods, though it is much more powerful. More complex doesn’t necessarily mean better. In science and technology, the less complex something is, the more advanced it is.

What is NLP?

nlp technique fireball NLP is a study of human excellence. It is an integration of several disciplines including neurology, psychology, linguistics, cybernetics and systems theory.

Personally for me, I define NLP as an instruction manual of our mind. And not just in intellectual thinking, but also our emotions, feelings etc. Basically the human psyche (our mind, intellect, consciousness, emotions etc)

When you learn NLP technique, you learn methods to direct your mind. The biggest problem for anyone is their inability to control their thoughts and behavior. They know what to do, what to think, what to change, but they cannot get themselves to do it. NLP solves this problem.

What can NLP do?

Among the things that NLP technique can achieve for you are improving confidence, changing bad habits, eliminating fears and building rapport with others. Here’s a brief description;

NLP technique : Anchoring – Anchoring is one of the most popular NLP method. Setting NLP anchors is like setting a switch on yourself so that you can instantly ‘switch’ to any desired mental & physiological state. By triggering the anchors, you will instantly have & feel confidence, passion, calmness, relaxation, creativity etc.

NLP self esteem techniques – NLP can help solve a severe & pervasive problem that plaguing our society : low self esteem. It does this by changing the feelings you associate to past bad experiences from negative feelings to positive feelings. And together with numerous state changing techniques, you’ll be on your way to more self esteem very quickly.

NLP Logical Levels – Ever felt stuck not knowing what to do next? Feel frustrated that you did all you think you could but have no progress? NLP logical levels is a method that helps you arrange

NLP Selling – Sales people gain the most from learning NLP. It is a great fit because the gist of NLP is about communication (internal & external), rapport & influence. This is exactly what selling requires. Applying NLP in your sales career will definitely increase results.

NLP Submodalities – Submodalities are the language code of the brain. How we react to past, present and possible future experiences are determined by the submodalities we associate to it. Learn to use submodalities.

NLP time line – Timeline is the way our brains represent chronological time. By changing the representation and structure of an event in time, we can change that event’s meaning to us.

NLP Counselling – NLP is great for counseling as well. Not just for professional counselors. Counseling is very important and parents, managers, teachers and supervisors will need to provide counseling frequently. NLP helps as you establish rapport quickly

A practitioner’s journey…..

nlp technique path After being introduced to NLP as mentioned at the beginning of the page, I went about reading and learning up as much as I can about it. I put in effort studying it’s concept’s and practicing it’s methods. I learned mainly from books and audio programmes. Using NLP technique, I did see an immediate impact. However, though it brought positive results, I was somewhat disappointed as I expected more from it. I saw improvements, but nothing mind blowing.

And I felt that I never got the NLP anchoring technique completely right. Of all the NLP techniques, I was most excited about learning and applying NLP anchors. However as I tried to apply it, I don’t seem to get the results that it claims to have.

All of that changed when I finally attended a NLP Basic & NLP Masters Practitioner training course. It was there that I had practical experience and guidance on how to properly apply the NLP technique. It was pretty mind blowing to say the least.

I must say that attending an NLP training course really helps. No matter how good a book, audio or video is, nothing beats having a coach personally guiding you. I guess that is a pretty obvious statement. However I just want to emphasize that the clarity and understanding gained makes the higher cost of attending a NLP training worth it. It is especially true for people like myself who feel stuck and are not really sure of what to do and how to do it.

Having said that, attending an NLP training course is not necessary. Many people do fine with just the books. You have to decide for yourself. But whatever the case, start off with books first, then go from there. Many people are reluctant to attend live NLP trainings due to the high cost, but if you’re determined to consistently apply what you’ve learned in your daily life, signing up for an NLP training will be one of the best investments you ever make in your life.

(Just make sure that the trainer you choose is competent. It should be fine as these guys are certified before they can train others. But just be careful. Just like anything else, there are some bad eggs in the basket)

Final thoughts…..

Personally, I feel that if you’re on the self improvement journey, learning NLP technique is a must. It is something that is practical and can change your life if you apply it.

Visit the other pages to learn more about each NLP method and try it out. It is not difficult and won’t take much time. Experience it and then make your judgment on it. Good luck!!

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