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Just can’t get motivated? Here’s some Effective Self Motivation Techniques to give you a boost!

Self motivation techniques - Are you prone to procrastinate? Are you able to get yourself to take action on a consistent basis? Ever wondered why some people just seem so darn motivated whenever they do something? Whereas there are others who just can’t get that level of motivation no matter how hard they try.

Fear not, because just like all other skills and abilities, motivation can be developed. You don’t need to be born with it, but you first need to acknowledge the importance of motivation. Then with effective self motivation techniques, you can train yourself to be motivated by using the different types of motivation and self motivation skills.

Ask any successful athlete and they will say that natural talent is important, but what got them this far are all their trainings and practice. That means it is their internal self motivation that actually got them to put in all the hard work to get to where they are now.

self motivation techniques The thing is that from what I noticed, it seems that when someone does not feel motivated, he or she acts as if that’s the end of it. That nothing can be done about it.

It is as if motivation is something that is either there or not. And if it’s not there, there’s not much you can do about it. When there’s no motivation, people don’t really attempt to change that.

That's why you often hear many people saying things like "I just don’t feel like doing it” or "I just can't get motivated".

What you need to know is that it can be done. There are ways and strategies to become motivated. So let’s not waste anymore time and go right into it. Here are some self motivation techniques that can help get you motivated and just do it!

Powerful Self Motivation Techniques

1. Use movement & pump yourself up

It’s tough to feel motivated when you sitting idly in a corner. Instead stand up, move around and pump yourself up. Show more excitement and motivation in your movements and you’ll become more motivated.

Studies have shown that physical movements affect our mental state. Positive physical movements makes you feel good while negative actions does the opposite. So act enthusiastic and you will automatically start to feel motivated!

So whenever you don’t feel motivated, get moving, make a fist and pump yourself up.

2. Make use of pain and pleasure

self motivation techniques One of the best ways to get yourself motivated is to make use of pain and pleasure. How do we exactly do this? Easy, associate massive pain to not taking action and massive pleasure to taking action.

So whenever you think of not taking action, for example not exercising - associate painful things like becoming fat, lacking energy, looking ugly, body getting weaker etc to it. Then associate pleasurable things like looking good, feeling energetic etc to taking action (which in this case is exercising).

The more painful/pleasurable and the more intense you make it, the more effective it becomes.

Here's a tip, you can artificially intensify the pain or pleasure that you feel by just;

1. Getting your emotions involved - through imagining the various emotions you will experience if that pleasurable / painful experience were to happen

2. Thinking of the impact of it over a long period of time - feel the accumulation all the pain you will get for the next 20 years if you don’t take action now (and the pleasure you will experience for the coming years if you were to take that positive action)

3. Make use of rewards

Another way is of course to use motivation and rewards. As they say, when something is at stake, when there is a reward involved, everything changes. Make a pact with yourself and set some form of rewards for added motivation.

Find a 'carrot' that will really motivate you and let it drive you to continuous success and improvement.

4. Use NLP techniques for greater self motivation

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the study of peak performance and how the mind-body works. Many NLP technique and teachings are perfect for boosting motivation anytime, anywhere. So learn more about this subject and make use this body of knowledge because it is powerful, fast and most importantly very effective.

5. Have variety in your environment

The environment you are in can have a big influence on your motivation level as well. First of all, make your environment as conducive as possible. The less distractions around, the better. Let’s face it, it is harder to be motivated to take action while you are lying on your bed.

Secondly, make it a point to add variety to your environment if possible. Once in a while change the location – use another room in the house, head to the library, a quite café, go to the park etc. When things are fresh you keep the interest up, and thus the motivation levels go up as well.

6. Motivational music self motivation techniques

Using music is a great self motivation technique. Prepare a CD or playlist of uplifting motivational music and keep it nearby so that it will come in handy whenever you need it.

You can play the music in the background while taking action - doing that will keep you in a positive mindframe as you are doing the task.

Alternatively you could start off by listening intently to the music, feeling it’s motivational quality, and visualizing yourself being motivated. See yourself taking action and reaping the rewards from it. This way you put yourself in the perfect condition to start the work.

I feel that movie themes music (movie soundtracks) are a great source for suitable motivational music.

7. Leverage on goal setting

Combine motivation and goal setting to get maximize results. When you set goals, it increases your motivation because now you have a target to pursue. Having done your detailed goal setting exercise, you would know what you are working towards, why you are working towards it and the details of how you can achieve it.

8. Just do it! Take a small action first…any small action

Often times the first step is the hardest. But once you get yourself going, you’ll gain momentum. So all you need to do is to make sure you take some form of action first! It doesn't need to be anything in particular, as long as you have taken a step.

Start off by doing something easy. You’ll realize that once that happens, you’ll naturally follow through and do more and more. Get the ball rolling first, once that happens the rest will be easy.

9. Get curious and interested

self motivation techniques It’s only natural that we feel more motivated to do things that we are interested in. If you dislike flowers and plants, it would be tough to get you motivated about gardening.

To counter this, try adopting a curious attitude towards the very thing that you are not interested in. If you get curious enough, you can turn anything interesting.

Final thoughts…

Like many other things, motivation is borne out of habit as well. The longer you can keep something up, the more closer it is to becoming a natural habit. Make being motivated a habit using these self motivation techniques.

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